“Technology is not evolving anymore, technology IS evolution”

– Clyde Desouza

This company has been founded on the passion for helping people integrate with today’s electronics. This is a very exciting time in which automation and the connected home are becoming mainstream, and we are finding that it’s our job to enlighten those interested in connecting the dots based on their individual & personal lifestyle. We have 15 years of experience in the Audio/Video industry as well as a high-level background in Computer Technology. We are constantly testing new products to learn the ins and outs of all available technology. No project is too big or too small, it’s all about new and continued relationships.

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Sonny’s Sportscenter

RTI Control System Brings Simplicity to Homeowner’s Game Day Experience

RTI Showcase

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Crossing Over Into Commercial

The demand for high-end residential integration is about as strong as it ever has been. Still, it can never hurt to take a look at the other side of integration.


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Technologies and Business Techniques that are Making CIs Successful

…Residential Systems surveyed a collection of leading custom integrators to see what business lessons they’re carrying into the new year and what products and/or technologies are influencing their buying decisions.


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